Arliss Dickerson Chair of Collegiate Ministry

New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


We believe now is the perfect time to bring attention to a ministry giant, Arliss Dickerson. He and his wife Sue have been stalwarts of collegiate ministry in Jonesboro, Arkansas for 40+ years. They have made priceless contributions to the lives of students, staff, and faculty of Arkansas State University... maybe even yours!

Well, of course yours. Even if you did not attend ASU, Arliss was asked to lead within Lifeway's Collegiate Ministry Program Development. So if you were part of a Baptist College Ministry during your years at any university then your minister was influenced by the work Arliss was accomplishing in Arkansas.

Many of us here at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary have been inspired by his work and we want to honor Arliss for his contributions by establishing a faculty chair bearing his name. This chair will anchor a dedicated faculty member for the expressed purposes of training men and women called to the mission field of the college and university campus.

Why this...Why now?

More than ever students that enter the college and university campus are exposed to the opportunity to explore. You may have been or are in that place yourself. It is so easy for the world to influence us away from what we seek during this time of exploration...which is to say, the truth. It is imperative to have men and women trained for the defense of the truth...we hope you will help! 

Join us today by supporting the Arliss Dickerson Chair for Collegiate Ministry and Discipleship for the training of all the collegiate ministers that are and will serve as a guide to college and university students as they find the truth of Jesus Christ.

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